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My passion in photography is closely related to my thirst for emotion. I love capturing moments of emotion; as well as creating images that bring out emotions. You will frequently see me smiling behing the camera as I capture smiles with the camera!

I got my big start in photography while working summers in college at Yellowstone National Park. It is at Yellowstone where I learned to capture the anger of boiling water, the frolicsomeness of dancing cubs, the pride of the mountains, the giggling of geysers, the smiling bison, and the passion of the falling waters.
Also while in college at Wisconsin I was the school mascot -- Bucky Badger. My favorite thing was to see the smiles. I enjoy taking pictures for one reason.....smiles! I love to see people smile when I point the camera; and I love to see people smile when I show them their picture.
I've been the NC State Marching Band Photographer since 2003. I've been with Center Stage Photography since 2006 taking photographs of plays and concerts. I've been a Dad since 1995, taking many photographs of my 2 most excellent subjects -- my kids. See my home page at http://www.photofiler.com

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